Tips You Could Use While Playing ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ On PlayStation 4

Tips You Could Use While Playing ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ On PlayStation 4
Dragon Age: Inquisition will offer you several choices upfront and that would confuse any gamer. It is not very different from other role playing games. Such games usually have a lot of classes, races and parties to choose from. Then there is confusion about gears and XP. With a bit of help at the start, you can certainly make things simpler for a better gaming experience.
Here are some tips you could use while playing Dragon Age: Inquisition on PlayStation 4.
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• Dragon Age: Inquisition is not the first. It is the third installment in the series. It would be better if you explore the first two games, at least for knowledge. You don’t have to play them but knowing the backdrop and the world will help you. More importantly, you would find a better sense of purpose of what the game is and what you are doing.
• You can choose any race that you like but if you are confused then use this guide. Elves make great rogues, dwarves are good in defense when faced against magic and Qunari are gifted fighters. The human race is a bit of an all-rounder and might be your default choice but try to explore the others.
• If you want to have a more immediate sense of purpose or want a personal correlation with what’s happening, then you should play as a mage.
• Don’t keep playing with a character that you don’t like. You can always restart the game and choose a different character. The game is quite long and playing with a character unwillingly or without much excitement will not entice you.
• You can change the abilities of your characters for free. But you can do that only once. Thereon, you would have to pay. However, you will come across kiosks where you can change your stats or specs.
• When you proceed to the later stages of the game, you may want to revisit your specs or stats. Some useless stats would be better off disposed. You can acquire new specs in their place.
• Dragon Age is a considerably large game. You don’t want to live with the mistakes or the consequences of something you have done which you cannot undo. Hence, have multiple saves so you can return to a phase before you took the wrong turn or the bad call and then remedy it.

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